The Top 7 Smart Features to Look for in Motorized Shades

Waseem Jalal

Saying that motorized blinds are an investment, not a cost would not be wrong. These blinds are emerging modern blinds design that has been appreciated by many homeowners. The best thing is that their innovation is not limited to only residential areas. Many commercial sites use motorized shades to get benefits.

Said that Motorized blinds are extremely beneficial in terms of function. 

These blinds are a practical solution for any kind of window. Furthermore, they provide high protection and are best installed in homes with kids and pets.  So you can reinvent your home’s interior and can enjoy the premium features of your window blinds. Plus, you can also customize the size, color, and fabric of the blind according to your taste.  

In this article, we will discuss the seven benefits of motorized blinds that are bonus competitively to traditional blinds. So let’s head down and discover the perks you can enjoy by installing motorized shades

Top 7 Smart Features to Look for in Motorized Shades 

  1. Remote Control

The main purpose of motorized blinds is to move blinds up and down via remote control. You can be sitting on your couch or bed and can raise or lower the blinds without even moving. This is the biggest flex of having motorized shades. You can operate them with the help of a remote, motor, tablet, or even your mobile phone. These blinds are best if you have a dream of a smart home that can be controlled with just a finger click.  

  1. Silent Operation

One of the notable things is buying a motorized shade that has quiet operation. It means there has been progress in the quality manufacturing of these innovative blinds. You don’t have to hear the noise of a motor while operating these blinds. Whisper-quite motors have been introduced for motorized blinds to promote noiseless operation. 

  1. Maintenance

Motored blinds promised ease of maintenance and provide an effortless cleaning process. You don’t have to wash them in a washing machine to retain their original strength. Dusting once or twice per week is enough to keep them in good performing shape. Moreover, in case of any stain, make a water solution by adding a few drops of detergent and dip a dry cloth in it. Move this cloth over the stained area of the motorized blind and then clean it with a dry cloth afterward. 

  1. Installation

Firstly, motorized shades are ideal to install at places in your home that are elevated and hard to reach with human hands. Regarding the fixing of motorized blinds, battery-operated or plug-in systems are easy to install. It means average homeowners can install these blinds. But for motor source motorized blinds, you need the help of a professional or skilled person for their proper installation. 

  1. Privacy Control 

If maintaining privacy is your major concern and you want to darken your room even in daylight, then these binds are perfect. You just need to choose the right set of fabric like blackout fabric that can opaque the source of light. It reduces glare and improves sleeping quality. You can control the amount of light you want inside your house. Henceforth they are best to incorporate your bedroom.

  1. Safety

Motorized blinds are cordless window treatments that are perfect partners for homeowners with kids and pets. Because window coverings with metal chains or chords can be risky for your kids. To protect your family from any mishappen, motorized blinds come to rescue you. Their design reduces the need for any manual operation to control the window. 

  1. Home’s Value

Have you ever thought that by installing motorized blinds you can significantly improve the ROI value of your house? Because every buyer prefers human-friendly necessities in the home. The world is evolving into a technology hub day by day, so the trend of smart homes is increasing. The earlier you adopt this concept the sooner you can increase the value of your property. So upgrade your house according to the current trend and enjoy the return on investment.  


What is the lifespan of motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds last longer than traditional blinds because of no hassle of pulling strings or adjusting the strings. So average lifespan of motorized blinds lasts for 5 to 10 years. 

Do motorized blinds look good?

The fabric of traditional blinds and motorized blinds can be the same except for the operating mechanism. Motorized shade lacks chords and strings while traditional blinds come with cords.  

Are motorized blinds expensive?

Motorized blinds are mostly selected for smart homes and commercial sites. So with relative space, they are not expensive. However, for an average homeowner, they may be out of the budget. 

Are motorized blinds noisy?

Generally, motorized blinds don’t create noise while operating functions. In case of any problem, you can contact the manufacturer. 

How long do motorized blinds take to charge?

On average it took them 6 to 8 hours for charging. You can do it by plugging the cable into the sockets. 

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