FC 24 Ultimate Team Now Features Women’s Football

Waseem Jalal

Did you know that you can find cheap FC 24 coins on U7Buy? FC 24 shakes things up with the introduction of new systems and features. One of the most notable additions is the possibility to use female and male players on the same team. The most popular game activity has always been about mixing and matching players. The union of the two football worlds increases the item database by almost 1,600 cards. You have even more possibilities to create your unique teams. Five more women’s leagues are joining the fray. We are talking about the Barclays Women’s Super League from England, Liga F from Spain, D1 Arkema from France, the Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga from Germany, and the USA’s National Women’s Soccer League. More teams from the UEFA Women’s Champions League will be available as well.

How Female Players Are Integrated in FC 24

Let’s see how the new female cards will work with old and new FC 24 systems. Let’s start with the new Evolutions feature. Both types of players will be eligible for this system if they meet the conditions. The Icons and Heroes collections are getting new cards that depict the best women footballers. Be on the lookout for the new items as they will be among the most valuable players. You have the chance to find both male and female players in packs. If you’d rather search the transfer market, you can find all the new female players using filters such as nation, league, position, and more. For activities such as Objectives, you will use both types of cards to complete the requirements. The rewards will now include female players as well. Squad Building Challenges will work in the same manner. All that matters is that the player items meet the conditions for the SBC you want to complete. We will have Moments depicting the most memorable happenings featuring men and women footballers.

How FC 24 Male and Female Base Ratings Are Calculated

An FC 24 item card is defined by its rating and attributes. The people behind the game analyze the players’ performances and style to make the items represent the players as accurately as possible. A player can have multiple cards that depict them in various stages of their careers. The players’ ratings are relative to the league and competition. This year, you have the chance to integrate the best footballers, women and men, from the best and most popular leagues in the world. The base ratings are based on the Kick Off mode where the male and female teams are playing independently. Let’s say that a player has a Kick Off rating of 86. This means that the base OVR in Ultimate Team is also 86.

More Opportunities to Create FC 24 Chemistry

Chemistry is an FC 24 feature that boosts players who share certain features. With the integration of women players, you might be wondering how the system is changing. The answer is that it doesn’t. It stays the same with one extra chance to link both types of players. Players will link to each other if they are from the same league and nation. It’s obvious how the nation link works, but how about the league link? It’s easy. Male and female players will link to each other if they play for the affiliated club. For example, male players from the Bundesliga will link to female players from the Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga. As you can see, the chemistry system is getting expanded with the chance to create more links and boost the players that link to each other. This results in better items to use in your teams.

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