Top 10 Best Franchise for Milk Tea in USA for 2023

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Are you ready to jump on the milk tea trend and expand your business horizons? Look no further because we’ve got the inside scoop on the top 10 best franchise milk tea opportunities in the USA for 2023! In a nation that can’t get enough of this refreshing beverage, it’s time to ride the wave of success and sip away at profitability. From classic flavors to creative concoctions, these franchises are serving up a cupful of opportunities that will leave you thirsty for more. So grab your boba buddies and let’s dive into our list of must-have franchises that blend tradition with innovation, creating a booming business recipe perfect for any ambitious entrepreneur.

Benefits of Owning a Milk Tea Franchise

  1. Access to a Growing Market: The milk tea industry is rapidly expanding globally, offering a secure position in a thriving market.
  2. Brand Recognition: Partnering with an established franchise milk tea provides instant trust and credibility among customers.
  3. Comprehensive Training: Franchises offer thorough training programs, making you well-prepared for running your milk tea business.
  4. Ongoing Support: Franchisors provide ongoing support, including marketing assistance and operational guidance, to help you navigate challenges.
  5. Creativity Within Structure: While some aspects are set by the franchisor, there’s room for innovation in menu offerings and store design, allowing for creativity.

These advantages make owning a franchise milk tea an appealing option for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the growing milk tea industry.

Top 10 Best Milk Tea Franchises in the USA for 2023

Franchise #1: Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is an exceptional franchise milk tea known for its diverse menu and quality ingredients. They offer a wide range of beverages, including classic milk teas and fruit-infused blends, with various toppings. Coco prioritizes exceptional customer service and provides comprehensive support for franchise owners in areas like site selection, marketing, and operations, making it a rewarding entrepreneurial opportunity. Consider franchising with Coco for a successful journey in the milk tea industry.

Franchise #2: Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar, an emerging franchise milk tea in the USA, is renowned for its visually striking beverages featuring “tiger stripes.” What sets Tiger Sugar apart is its commitment to high-quality ingredients, using fresh tea leaves and carefully selected brown sugar for flavorful drinks. Their meticulous beverage presentation adds to the appeal. 

Tiger Sugar also prioritizes customer satisfaction and a welcoming atmosphere. Investing in a Tiger Sugar franchise offers an enticing opportunity as the brand’s popularity and demand for its unique offerings are on the rise, making it a promising choice in the milk tea franchising world.

Franchise #3: Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon, originating from Taiwan, has quickly risen as a global sensation in the franchise milk tea industry. Their unique flavors and playful branding distinguish them from the competition. Happy Lemon offers an extensive and innovative menu, from the signature Rock Salted Cheese series to fruity tea blends, crafted with high-quality ingredients for a consistent, refreshing experience. 

Their vibrant store atmosphere adds to the appeal. For potential milk tea franchise investors, Happy Lemon stands as a compelling option with its unique flavors, consistent quality, and engaging brand identity, making it a choice that continues to attract dedicated customers worldwide. Join the Happy Lemon family today!

Franchise #4: Boba Tea USA

Boba Tea USA is a prominent franchise milk tea with over 100 locations in the United States, making it an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs. Its unique selling point lies in offering a diverse array of customizable flavors, including classic milk teas, fruit-infused blends, smoothies, and snacks, with a focus on quality and customization. Franchisees benefit from comprehensive training and ongoing support, covering site selection, store design, marketing, and operations.

With the increasing demand for milk tea in the US, investing in a Boba Tea USA franchise presents a potentially lucrative venture with an established brand and a proven business model. It allows you to bring Asian-inspired beverages to communities and be part of a thriving industry trend.

Franchise #5: Sharetea

Sharetea, a Taiwanese-origin franchise milk tea with a global presence, stands out for its commitment to high-quality ingredients, a diverse menu, and strong customer satisfaction. Their extensive flavor offerings, prepared with premium teas and fresh ingredients, cater to diverse tastes. Sharetea’s customization options for toppings and sweetness levels provide a personalized experience. 

They source top-tier tea leaves from reputable suppliers worldwide, ensuring consistently flavorful brews. Exceptional customer service is another key aspect of their brand. Investing in a Sharetea franchise offers a promising opportunity in the thriving bubble tea industry, making it appealing to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the trend.

Franchise #6: Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea, a renowned franchise milk tea originating from Taiwan, is celebrated for its use of premium ingredients, diverse tea flavors, and a wide range of customizable toppings. Their menu spans classic to innovative options, accommodating various tastes, with a standout feature being extensive customization, including sweetness levels and ice preferences. The modern store ambiance enhances the overall experience.

As a franchisee, you benefit from comprehensive training and ongoing support, making it an appealing choice for those looking to establish a successful milk tea business. Kung Fu Tea has gained popularity among milk tea enthusiasts throughout the United States.

Franchise #7: Gong Cha

Gong Cha, a prestigious franchise milk tea originating from Taiwan, has garnered a dedicated global following thanks to its diverse and delectable beverage menu. Notably, its wide variety of toppings and mix-ins caters to diverse texture preferences, ensuring there’s something for every palate. Gong Cha stands out due to its unwavering commitment to top-tier ingredients, sourcing the finest teas worldwide for a fresh and flavorful experience.

With a strong reputation and a global presence of over 1,500 stores in 20+ countries, Gong Cha presents an enticing franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Its blend of exceptional taste, quality ingredients, and an established brand presence positions Gong Cha as an attractive choice for a successful milk tea franchise venture.

Franchise #8: HeyTea

HeyTea, a globally renowned franchise milk tea from China, is celebrated for its innovative flavors and premium ingredients. It stands out by using fresh fruits for natural sweetness and introducing the “Cheezo” series, blending creamy cheese foam with tea for a savory-sweet experience. 

HeyTea’s commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly practices and biodegradable packaging adds to its appeal. With unique flavors, quality ingredients, and a focus on sustainability, HeyTea is a top choice for milk tea enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience.

Franchise #9: Chatime

Chatime, a globally renowned franchise milk tea from Taiwan, has rapidly expanded its presence in the United States, attracting a dedicated following of tea enthusiasts. It stands out for its unwavering commitment to quality ingredients and innovative flavors, offering a diverse menu that includes classics and unique creations. Chatime also prioritizes customer satisfaction through warm service and a welcoming store atmosphere. Franchisees benefit from the brand’s market presence, a proven business model, and ongoing support. 

For those seeking a milk tea franchise that combines top-quality drinks with an exceptional customer experience, Chatime is the ideal choice, offering the chance to be part of a reputable brand while satisfying customers’ milk tea cravings.

Franchise #10: Presotea

Presotea, a unique franchise milk tea, stands out with its innovative brewing method, utilizing pressure to extract rich flavors from premium tea leaves. Their menu features fresh fruit teas like Grapefruit Green Tea and Passion Fruit Black Tea, offering a refreshing twist. The use of real fruits ensures natural flavors. 

Classic milk tea options with various toppings allow for personalization. With its distinctive brewing technique and diverse menu, Presotea has gained a global following among milk tea enthusiasts. Investing in a Presotea franchise is a wise choice for those seeking a blend of innovation and flavor in the milk tea industry.

Things to Consider Before Investing in a Milk Tea Franchise

Factors to Consider Before Investing in a franchise milk tea:

  1. Passion and Commitment: Assess your genuine enthusiasm for milk tea and the industry as franchise ownership requires dedication.
  2. Market Demand: Research the demand for milk tea in your chosen location, considering competition and growth potential.
  3. Franchisor Reputation: Examine the franchisor’s track record, success rates, and support system, including training and marketing assistance.
  4. Financial Evaluation: Evaluate your available capital and estimate start-up costs, ongoing fees, and other financial considerations.
  5. Legal Requirements: Ensure compliance with permits and licenses necessary for food service businesses in your area, seeking professional guidance if needed.
  6. Business Management: Recognize that owning a franchise milk tea involves strategic planning, effective management, and adaptation to changing customer preferences.

Careful consideration of these factors will help you make an informed investment decision aligned with your entrepreneurial goals and personal interests.


To summarize, purchasing a franchise milk tea offers the opportunity for both financial success and personal satisfaction, given the increasing demand for this refreshing beverage. Our list of the top 10 milk tea franchises in the USA for 2023 highlights each brand’s unique flavors and quality ingredients. However, before committing, it is crucial to do your homework.

This involves researching the reputation of each franchise, evaluating your financial resources and goals, and thoroughly reviewing the franchisor’s terms and fees. Taking these steps will give you a better chance of thriving in the competitive milk tea industry.

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