Guide To Yoga Props And How They Will Aid You

Waseem Jalal

You may be one of those, who seem to be ashamed of using props in yoga. But, it is one of the best things that you should do. Props help you to deepen your postures, until you get them right. Props are there for a reason. Every yoga school that follows the guidelines laid by Yoga Alliance, will support the usage of props. The yoga teacher training in rishikesh is one of the trainings, which can give you a proper glimpse into the use of props. 

But, before proceeding, you should have a fair idea about what they are. 

What Are Props For According To The Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

You can join the yoga teacher training in rishikesh, to learn about them in complete detail. A yoga prop can add more safety to your journey. It also makes the poses more productive. Most beginners do not want to use them, but they can actually help beginners get a grip. 

Let us study about the various props that are used today. 

  • Yoga mats – These are the first thing, a yoga practitioner comes into contact with. If you practice yoga on the floor, your knees and soles will feel uncomfortable after some time. Mats also provide you with that grip, so that you find balance. Some mats also help with alignments, through markings. You will also come across mats in various thickness. The extra padding of the mats help in therapeutic approach. They are great for seniors. 
  • Yoga blocks – You must have seen yoga practitioners, practicing their arm balances with blocks. These blocks are made from different materials like cork, wood, foam, and bamboo. You can achieve greater stability, if you practice with these blocks. They help you to deepen the pose, as well. You will often use them in forward folds, where you need to reach the floor. They can lessen the pressure on your ankles, soles, and joints. You will learn how to use them in the yoga teacher training in rishikesh. 
  • Yoga straps – Also called yoga belts, they are good for yoga practitioners who have tight hamstrings and shoulders. You can attempt poses that are out of your flexibility range, with the help of straps. They are made from non-elastic cotton or polyester material. They also have adjustable buckles. You can use them in poses like Kapotasana, or Raja Kapotasana. 
  • Yoga blankets – These are the second-most common yoga prop after mats. You can use them for adequate support. They are of great use in restorative poses, in particular. They are mostly made from cotton material. You can fold them and pleat them, according to your wish. 
  • Yoga bolsters – A bolster is nothing, but a long, cylindrical cushion or pillow. You can place it under various parts of your body, to get extra support. You can even place one under your head, while doing Sirsasana. You can also use them in backbends. 
  • Yoga wheel – This is another yoga prop that is a bit uncommon. But seasoned yogis use them, due to their myriad benefits. These are a large and hollow wheel like structure, which helps in stretching the back muscles. You can use it to stabilize your spine. Most of these wheels are made from wood or plastic. Advanced practitioners know the advantages of using props. You can also try and use one. We are sure, that you will not repent. 

Learn about the proper usage of props in the yoga teacher training in rishikesh. Apart from the props, you also need the right guidance to do your yoga poses properly. 

Benefits Of Using Props In Yoga 

  • Props help in getting proper alignments. One of the most important parts of yoga practice is alignment. At times, when a pose is difficult, most beginners try to overuse the stronger muscles, to cover up the weaker ones. This compromises the alignment. By using a block or prop, you can correct your alignments. By using props, you also reduce the chances of injuries. 
  • Props can assist you with relaxation. They can give stability. You also tend to feel protected. If you are struggling to get into or stay in a pose, you may feel it difficult to concentrate. Relaxation also gets delayed, as a result. If you use a prop, rather than putting excess stress on your body, you can relax quickly. You also start getting all the benefits of the pose. 
  • Props can give you more flexibility. They allow you to increase your range of movement and opens up the joints. You can thus work towards loosening of the muscles. If you learn how to use props in the correct manner, you can gain new heights in terms of flexibility and strength. 

Finally, Join The School 

Joining the yoga teacher training in rishikesh will open up lots of possibilities for you. You will learn about the intricacies of yoga from the masters. Learn authentic yoga at Samadhi Yoga School and get ahead of the others. Increase your poise and perfection, through the proper use of props and accessories. The location Rishikesh is another boon for yoga practitioners. It is where yoga originated. So, get ready to be bathed in yogic knowledge at Rishikesh. 

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