What To Do If You Do Not Want To Get A Divorce But Your Spouse Does

Waseem Jalal

Even on good days, getting a divorce can be difficult. It is much more challenging when your spouse wants a divorce, but you do not. In real life, it is unusual for both partners in a marriage to ask for a divorce from the very start.

Usually, one partner has been considering a divorce for months, years, or even decades, while the other stays primarily unaware of what is happening. The clueless partner either was unaware that their relationship was THAT awful or did not think their partner would ever really file for divorce. If you are considering divorce, contact the law department of Karp & Iancu, S.C.

Your spouse wants a divorce, but you do not– What to do next?

When your partner announces that they want a divorce, you need first to figure out the actual situation. You must determine if your partner is genuinely DONE or if there is any chance of restoring your marriage.

How can you decide whether your marriage has an opportunity of being saved?

Consider how your spouse “broke the news” of the divorce to you first. If, after a heated battle, your spouse threatened to file for divorce but seems to have cooled down, there is still hope for your marriage.

You find yourself in a very different situation, though, if your spouse has already moved elsewhere from the house and has served you with divorce papers.

Figuring out

Speaking with your spouse is the simple (and most effective) approach to figuring out whether your partner is serious about getting a divorce.

You want to know what your partner feels as well as what they are thinking. Whether you would like to learn or not, you have to know if your spouse is seeing someone else.

The most important thing you need to know is whether your spouse will consider or give you a second chance in your marriage. The issue is that you might need to get the precise answer you want from your spouse.

What to do if you do not have any choice left?

That being said, you may say, “I am against a divorce. I do not believe divorce is a thing. My kids and my family will be destroyed by divorce! Separating is terrible. That might be accurate. Ultimately, though, it makes little impact.

According to common belief, divorce is more prevalent in the world in which we live. In every state in the USA and a few other countries, no-fault divorces are allowed. It makes little difference in your mind whether divorce is good or horrible, right or wrong. It exists. 

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