VPN: What is a virtual private network and what benefits does it provide?

Waseem Jalal

Using a virtual private network (VPN) helps protect online privacy and keep information safe from cybercriminals, Internet service providers, and onlookers.

Among other advantages, a VPN provides security when connecting to open Wi-Fi networks.

Among the recommendations for good use of the Internet is choosing secure connections. And for this, using a VPN is very useful. But what is it exactly? Why is it important to have this service? What benefits does it provide?

What is a VPN?

As for what a VPN is, it stands for virtual private network. This is a service that helps protect the data and privacy of users when they use the Internet. To do this, it creates an encrypted tunnel that makes it easier to remain anonymous and hide the IP address – a numerical representation of the Internet point where a device is connected –, something especially useful when connecting to an open Wi-Fi network.

The origins of virtual private networks date back to 1996, the year they were developed by Microsoft so that its remote workers could securely access the company’s internal network. Nowadays, they have become a widespread security and privacy tool both in the business environment and at the user level. VPNs are no longer something strange and even not using VPNs for commercial transactions is seen as strange.

In homes, a virtual private network adds an extra layer of protection. And, in the same way, it makes it difficult for third parties to see what an Internet user is doing by preventing them from finding the IP address.

Advantages of a virtual private network

Among others, cybersecurity experts highlight the following advantages of a VPN:

– A virtual private network reduces the risks when connecting to an open Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi VPN security is the main prerequisite for being able to surf on a public Wi-Fi connection without the risk of being spied on. There is always a chance that someone smart enough out there will be able to penetrate cell phone security and explore important passwords. There are many incidents where someone doesn’t think they left their cell phone anywhere but finds their online bank account hacked.

– Likewise, it prevents websites from sharing the data and browsing habits of an Internet user with other companies.

– It can provide security to multiple devices. With a high-quality VPN service, security can be extended to more than one device. Not just one device, but up to several devices. Some services can even protect more than ten devices. If you work as a team on a public Wi-Fi network then finding a VPN service that covers more than one device is highly recommended.

– Adds an additional layer of security to online banking and shopping operations. It has been explained above that public Wi-Fi services carry the risk of someone who is smart enough being able to break into cellphones as well as online accounts and important accounts in them. By using a VPN, a user is using a kind of additional protection device that can reduce risks.

– It makes it easy to enjoy streaming services regardless of the country where the user is located. There are no geographic restrictions because users can pretend to be users who are in the same location as the target location of a particular service/site.

When hiring a protection service that includes a VPN, it is important to ensure that the virtual private network guarantees unlimited bandwidth. And also that it be high speed so that the Internet connection does not suffer.

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