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Enrolling in a yoga school in Rshikesh and learn yoga at at the foothills of Himalayas is the ultimate destination for yoga practitioners. Rishikesh, situated in a place of spiritual significance, is a holy basis on which, yogis from all over the world imprint their yoga goals and desires. While learning yoga here, you will learn to find the balance between the outside world and the inside discovering the true meaning of inner peace.

In this article, we will be talking about one of the best yoga schools that will teach you this practice beyond its physical aspects. This will take you on a trip of the mind, body, and soul. If you are a yoga lover and want to know more about this fiels, then stay tuned to the end!

7 chakras yoga school in Rishikesh

7 chakras yoga school is one of the ebst yoga schools that will take you beyond the physical practice practice of yoga, teaching you this ancient practice while evoliving with modern discoveries. Here you will learn yoga beyond the classroom walls and induldge in a spiritual enviorment that will teach you this practice as a way of life, creating an environment similar to that of sanctuary.

This yoga school in Rishikesh is located at the feet of The Himalayas and overlooks the holy Ganges which creates a great atmosphere for the students so that they can learn to immerse themselves truly in practicing yoga. This specific yoga school in Rishikesh is guided by teachers who have been teaching for many years with their utmost passion.

At 7 chakras yoga school the knowledge of yoga is taught in all its aspects, you will learn about Yoga philosophy, meditation, and breathwork too. This is a yoga school that has a community’s perspective on life. It treats everyone as an equally important member of society irrespective of their levels of expertise. These encouraging conditions are conducive to people’s personal development. 

7 chakras yoga school is founded on the philosophy of mind, body, and spirit integration and teaches a curriculum that is crafted to enlighten students on their yoga path. So, it allows them to reach a harmonious condition for students who need to become more familiar with the practice of yoga or is an experienced practitioner.

Yoga teacher training at this yoga School Rishikesh

7 chakras yoga school in Rishikesh offers a wide variety of yoga teacher training courses that are certified by the international organization – the Yoga Alliance USA. The certificate from this organization means that after completing your course, you will not only be an internationally recognized yoga instructor but your future opportunities will increase exponentially. 

  • 200 hour yoga teacher training: This program serves as a basic course for prospective teachers as well as serious yoga practitioners who want to become overall competent in this field. In this course, you will have a solid Hatha, ashtanga, and Vinyasa style of yoga.
  • 300 hour yoga teacher training: the 300 hour training is an advanced course for students who want to upgrade their knowledge, practice, and teaching methods skills as professional yogi. This class is a continuation and a deepening of what you will learn in the 200 hours and involves topics of yoga philosophy at a more advanced level, in addition to a deeper exploration of asanas and the skill of sequencing.
  • 500 hour yoga teacher training: the 500 hour yoga teacher training program is a blending of the 200 hour and 300 hour training options, making it an amazing opportunity for those looking to delve into the spiritual practice of yoga. 
  • 200 hour Kundalini yoga teacher training: Calling Kundalini Yoga enthusiasts, this specific course offers a life-changing exploration of one of the oldest, mystical energy systems. Kundalini philosophy such as pranayama, meditation, and dynamic asanas are among the subjects being taught in this course to unlock the hidden storehouse of energy inside a person.
  • 200 hour Ayurveda yoga teacher training: This course takes Ayurveda and yoga makes it accessible to modern-day life. In this course, you will obtain teaching on Ayurvedic ideas, nutrition, and lifestyles that can help improve your yoga practice and you get to hand this holistic knowledge down to your future yoga students.

Wellness programs at this yoga school in Rishikesh

  • Ayurveda treatment: this workshop will provide you with personalized consultations, and herbal therapy and energize your body during revitalizing treatments to achieve your Ayurvedic health goals. Within the scope of health and self-exploration, a team of professional experts will guide you through this unique process.
  • Naturopathy treatment: Unleash nature’s power through non-invasive know-how, dietary modifications, and lifestyle enhancements. This workshop will teach you the importance of comprehensive mind-body systems in helping the body heal itself easily.
  • Yoga: In this unique wellness program, you will learn about yoga’s powerful benefits. In the course, you will be taught under sessions, which would be suitable for the complete range of the level and entail breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness in search of self-creation and self-improvement.
  • Diet therapy treatment: this workshop will teach you general health guidelines with Ayurvedic philosophy into personalized food programs that will be tied to health goals. In this diet program, your original diet will be analyzed and its components will be altered to optimize nutrition and promote digestion and general well-being.

Bottom line 

To conclude we can say that 7 chakras yoga school in Rishikesh is a place for complete transformation. It is a place that changes you to the core. You will learn the approaches to how to be healthy and happy comprehensively. At this yoga school, you going to receive Yoga Alliance USA-approved worldwide certified yoga teacher training courses which will be useful for you whenever you wish to teach yoga anywhere in the world. And the workshop programs at this scchool will serve as the much needed break a person needs from the hustle abd bustle of their daily lives. 

So without any further wait enroll in any of the courses or workshops at 7 chakras yoga school in Rishikesh right now and watch your life transform. 

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Stay safe and healthy! 


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