Mastering Style: Tips For Pairing Heels With Different Outfits And Events

Waseem Jalal

Heels are the ultimatle footwear option for special occasions and events as they help you appear poised and enter any room with confidence. The obvious benefit of wearing heels is the added height but there’s more! Heels help improve posture, define your leg muscles so you can show them off, and allow you to walk with an ethereal flow.

While stilettos are the popular option, you can pick from varied heel heights and styles that will help you stay comfortable and match the vibe of your outfit. Want to style heels for different occasions and events? Keep reading as we share tips and tricks to help you nail the look for every possible event – attending a wedding, office parties, and everything in between.

Pairing Heels With Outfits For Different Occasions & Events

1. Party Wear: For western outfits with shorts and mini dresses that show off your legs, opt for strappy lace-up heels that add an elegant touch. You can buy heels with thick ribbon-like straps for a romantic look or thin shoe-string-like laces that go up to the knee.

2. Wedding: Opt for blinged-out heels with rhinestone or sequin details to match your wedding outfits. As most traditional outfits such as lehengas and sarees cover up the feet, the shiny heels will peep through, adding a whimsical feel. Kolhapuri-style heels will also go well with ethnic wear and add to the desi vibes of your outfit.

3. Pre-wedding parties: Kitten heels should be your go-to for pre-wedding ceremonies and parties as they allow you to dance the night away without worrying about sore feet or blisters and shoe bites. Wear them with flared pants and skirts as they have the lowest chance of getting caught in the trail and making you trip over or fall.

4. Outdoor event: Wedges and block heels make walking on uneven surfaces much easier and are considered ideal for longer wear time. Pair them with floral long dresses or skirts with tops for a boho-aesthetic look.

5. Boss Girl: Pumps are the ultimate option for a fierce and stylish look with formal blazers or a pencil skirt with the top outfit. You can also opt for mules and wear them with flared pants and a shirt or top.

6. Beach day: Turn heads at the beach in chunky heels that will allow you to walk over sandy areas with the added surface area. You can also pair chunky heels with a bikini or monokini and a sheer cover-up while chilling by the pool.

7. Chic Casuals: Add a pop of color to your t-shirt and denim jeans or cargo pants outfit with a pair of vibrant heels. You can add printed heels to easily add a touch of fun to your daily wear wardrobe.

8. Brunch plans: For a ‘clean girl’ aesthetic outfit, wear clear strap heels with co-ord sets in muted tones to the next Sunday brunch. Clear heels will also pair well with your bright outfits without taking away the focus.

9. Date night: Complete your romantic dinner looks with stilettos to stun your date. If you are wearing a short dress, wear stockings for a bold look. Stilettos will also add a touch of elegance to fitted satin kurta sets for date night.

10. Winter: Add boots and platform sneakers to your winter wear wardrobe to stay warm and fashionable even in the coldest weather. Wear them with stockings and a tweed dress for a polished look.

Additional Things To Know:

1. Heel height: Beginners should opt for kitten heels that have a heel length between 1.5 to 2 inches. Those who are confident can opt for high-heels between 2 to 5 inches. Go for extreme heels (5 inches or above) only once you have mastered the others.

2. Heel style: Stilettos – named after a dagger, interestingly – have thin, pointed heels and are the most difficult to get used to. If you find yourself losing balance in stilettos, start with block heels that cover a larger surface and are more stable. You also cannot go wrong with wedge heels, which are perfect for soft surfaces, like grass. If you have flat feet, opt for platform heels (or flatforms) as they add height without changing the curvature of your soles.

3. Find the right fit: Finding heels that match your arch type is the key to staying comfortable and confident. Those with high arches should opt for something with cushioning on the sole, while women with low arches should buy chunky wedges for extra support. People with medium arches can comfortably wear most heels. Further, the base of the heel should fit your entire foot without any parts bulging out. While narrow front heels, ensure your toes on either end are not protruding.

4. Wear & test: After testing out shoes for the first time and ensuring they fit right, wear them around the house for more than 10 minutes to truly test how comfortable they are. If your feet swell up or start hurting, you should consider returning the pair. You should ideally also walk at different paces to test for comfort and stability.

We hope this guide helps you pick the right heel for the next event you attend. 

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