Club and Club Roles in Brawl Stars – Everything You Need to Know

Waseem Jalal

Warm Welcome to Our Guide About Club and Its Essential Roles for the Brawl Stars Gamers!

Do you know you will join a Club with players that the owners of Brawl Stars think you will click with when you hit 400 Trophies? But don’t stress about it! This is because you can switch Clubs anytime. And the good news is you can make your own Club for 1000 Coins.

Cool…but the main query is what exactly is a Club? Let’s get into the guide and follow its footprints to get insights.

Here we go!

What is a Club?

Have you ever been curious about joining a Club while playing a Brawl Stars game? It is similar to joining an amazing and expert team where you play special events and chat with other players of the exciting game.

When your Club wins an opportunity or an event, everyone gets cool rewards. In fact, it is all about teamwork and getting those sweet rewards together. Nobody stays behind inside the Club at the time of getting awards and rewards.

You Can Chat in the Club! Let’s Explore.

What if you want to chat or have a conversation with your Club mates? It’s very easy. Just tap the Club icon that is located on the right side of the main game screen. It will immediately open Club Chat.

So…you are ready to share your thoughts or watch and discuss game replays with your Club buddies. You can also check out the ‘Top Contributors’ to see who is rocking the current Club Event.

Now, let’s explore more club information before you buy a Brawl Stars account!

Simply tap the ‘Club Members’ icon which is located above the Club Chat. There, you will find Mega Pig contributions, Player Ranks, and your brief description of the Club. Thus, it is a one-stop shop to see how everyone is doing and what your Club is all about.

Did you know managing Club Membership is also very simple? You can search for new Clubs (other than your current one) or leave your current one right from this menu without any condition. Hence, it is easy to stay connected and find the perfect Club for those who want to buy Brawl Stars accounts for sale.

Club Roles in Brawl Stars:

Everybody knows that having various roles in your Club ensures a balance of enjoyment and responsibility! Here are the primary roles of the Club available in the Brawl Stars game:

  • President: Can accept and remove members, independent of their role. However, no one has the power to remove the President from the Club.
  • Vice Presidents: This role can accept Members and help Seniors and Members in their promotion. However, they do not have the right to promote, demote, or remove other Vice Presidents or the President from the Club.
  • Seniors: So, Seniors have the role of accepting, promoting, and removing other Members. However, the other members do not have the right of demoting, promoting, or removing other Seniors, Vice Presidents, or the President.
  • Members: Lastly, Members have no additional duties. Plus, they don’t have a very solid and strong role in the Club as compared to the other roles mentioned above. It means they don’t have any right to accept or remove anyone from the Club.

Remember, it is essential to be cautious when it comes to promoting members in your Club. Only select those you truly know and they are trustworthy. After all, promoting someone means giving them significant responsibilities and important roles within the Club.

So, promoting the wrong member can have serious consequences for the Club and other members. You can take your time and make sure you are making the right choice. In the end, I would like to say that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to Club leadership!

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