The most sought-after Cloud Security Certifications in 2024

Waseem Jalal

Cloud computing has progressively become acclaimed in the past few years. Also, a growing number of firms are migrating to the cloud security infrastructure, which makes them an appealing target for cybercriminals. Therefore, firms need to make a shift to a different how they approach security, as it is dissimilar to that of traditional data centres.

In particular, security certifications in the cloud have become a crucial one for IT professionals who want to have a competitive edge in the market. So, let’s explore the best cloud security certifications in 2024 through this post.

What is Cloud Security?

A collection of techniques and technologies for handling both external and internal enterprise security threats is called cloud security. Businesses that are pursuing Digital Transformation need Cloud Computing Security since they are constantly introducing new tactics and utilizing cloud-based solutions. In this case, businesses want cloud security to keep outsiders out of their virtual infrastructure.

Best Cloud Security Certifications

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing by Simplilearn

Jump into the lively field of cloud computing with the Skillup course, which covers all the basics for free. This course assists you in having a sufficient understanding of cloud computing. If you are new in the field or even seeking to broaden your understanding, this course encompasses both the fundamental and more advanced concepts in cloud computing. With this knowledge, you can provide services, applications, and new technologies built on the capabilities of the cloud. Come on, enroll now for this free cloud computing course.

Some of the topics which you will cover in this course are as follows: –

Get a thorough understanding of cloud computing and a free certification in the field. Get helpful advice on how to apply the knowledge to advance your career. You’ll get a useful cloud computing certification for free after finishing this course. 

Your resume will look better, and this training will validate your skills. It enhances the appeal of your profile to prospective employers. You will also acquire employable skills that are highly valued in a variety of sectors. All of this in a single free cloud computing course that awards a certificate.

  1. Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer

One notable certification for anyone looking to strengthen their abilities with the Google Cloud Platform is the Google Cloud Security Certification. GCP security certification is becoming more and more popular these days among businesses for their computing requirements.

The need for security engineers who can guarantee data integrity has increased along with it. We now have the abilities needed to take on the difficulties of modern security thanks to this certification.

Skills which you will learn in this course are: 

  • Security Infrastructure Configuration
  • Designing and Managing Access Controls
  • Incident Response and Disaster Recovery
  • Security Monitoring and Logging
  • Data Encryption and Key Management
  1. AWS Solutions Architect Professional

The high technical expertise provided by this professional certification certificate is essential for developing appropriately dispersed systems and applications on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. The professional certification for AWS solution architects aids the development and identification of critical competencies for cloud implementation. Additionally, the credentials aid in confirming that you are capable of creating, assessing, and deploying apps on AWS.

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

The applicant’s proficiency in applying security controls and threat prevention on the cloud platform is validated by earning this certificate. It also attests to your proficiency in controlling identification, gaining access to, and safeguarding networks, data, and applications. Azure security experts collaborate with developers, architects, and administrators to create and execute solutions that adhere to security and compliance standards. They might also assist in handling security-related incidents.

There are no requirements; however, you should have a solid grasp of network, computation, and storage in Azure and Microsoft Entra, as well as hands-on experience managing Microsoft Azure and hybrid settings.

  1. AWS Security Fundamentals Second Edition

In this self-paced program, the applicant will learn AWS cloud security fundamentals, including AWS access control, data encryption methods, and how to ensure that your network access to the AWS infrastructure is well-protected. Furthermore, you will be exposed to some security demands on the AWS cloud that several security-oriented services will also support.

Important topics you will learn are: –

  • Introduction to AWS Security Fundamentals
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Well-Architected Tool Overview
  • End of Course Assessment

Choosing the right Cloud Certification

Prior to selecting the appropriate cloud certification for your requirements, you should take into account a number of factors:

  1. Vendor-neutral and vendor-specific certifications

Certifications related to cloud computing are often categorized as vendor-specific (such as AWS, Azure, and GCP) and vendor-neutral (like CompTIA Cloud+). Vendor-specific certifications take a more narrow approach and are limited to specified platforms. In contrast, vendor-neutral ones provide broader viewpoints that are applicable anywhere, regardless of the platforms used.

  1. Making a decision depending on your professional needs

What you choose should be based on your professional objectives, the industry you are in or want to enter, and the most popular cloud services utilized in that sector.

  1. Price

As we’ll see, there are several choices available for the cost of a cloud certification, which may influence your decision.

  1. Dedication

The process of getting specific certificates is not uniform; that is, it takes more effort, and the period of time varies from one to another. It’s essential to think about how to balance your time between education and your present duties that you have.

Is a Cloud Certification worth it?

The question of which is better for landing a job—having real-world experience or having the right credentials- has long been debated, and using cloud apps is no exception. In the end, a blend of the two is ideal, even though obtaining certification has numerous advantages:

  • Validation of skills

Certifications attest to your abilities and dedication to continuing education, which is why companies frequently look for them.

  • Opportunities for networking

Enrolling in certification programs and tests puts you in touch with a network of professionals and experts who share your interests.

  • Increased earning potential

Because of their proven experience and the great demand for cloud skills, certified experts frequently command higher compensation.

The bottom line

Remember that obtaining your cloud certification is a step toward both improving your abilities and opening up new professional options as you set out on your route.

If you are a newcomer to both cloud learning and cloud security certifications online, the Understanding Cloud Computing course from Simplilearn is a great place to begin. It offers a strong basis, preparing you for success in more complex subjects and certifications.

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