How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blind?

Waseem Jalal

Blinds are an element that we find in all Spanish houses and that provide functionality and elegance to the home. Thus, they are also a long-term investment since they are items that take time to deteriorate.

However, depending on the maintenance we do to our blinds and the weather factors to which it is exposed, they will need some simple repairs such as changing or adjusting the slats, changing the tape, and the return spring.

So today we are talking to you about this so you can give a second life to your blinds.

3 Most Common Faults In Blinds

Blinds are an essential part of our homes, as they provide privacy, regulate the entry of natural light, and improve thermal insulation. 

However, like any mechanical element, they can break down over time and continuous use. Below, we present three of the most common breakdowns in blinds:

Misaligned or broken slats: One of the most common problems with blinds is misaligned or broken slats. This may be due to natural wear and tear, knocks, or excessive forces applied to the blind. When the slats of the blinds are misaligned, the blind can get stuck or not close correctly, which affects both the functionality and the aesthetics. 

The only thing we will have to do is return it to its place by moving it to one side or the other. In more serious cases, if any slat breaks completely, it is necessary to replace it to prevent it from affecting others. You can also hire experts such as WE FIX BLINDS.

Worn ribbon or cord: Another common problem is the wear of the ribbon or cord used to raise and lower the blind. With daily use, these elements can weaken, tangle, or even break, making it difficult or impossible to operate the blind. It is essential to pay attention to their condition and replace them in time to avoid major problems and maintain the proper functionality of the blinds. Luckily there are spare parts and it is easy to replace, you will only have to slide it through the pulleys and tie it firmly to the mechanism.

Roller mechanism failure: The roll-up mechanism is essential for the proper functioning of a roller blind. If this mechanism fails, the blind may become stuck in the position it is in, whether fully extended or fully closed. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as dirt buildup on the rails, damage to internal parts, or wear and tear from prolonged use. Sometimes the problem can be solved with proper cleaning and lubrication, but in more serious cases, the mechanism may need to be repaired or replaced.

Blinds are functional and decorative elements that can suffer breakdowns over time and constant use, so, if we want them to last a few years, it is important to carry out regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating the mechanisms, to prevent problems and prolonging its useful life. When more complex problems arise, it is advisable to enlist the help of blind repair professionals to ensure an accurate diagnosis and effective solution.

Price To Fix Hanging Blinds

When a blind comes down, the cause usually lies in the straps or the mechanism tape. In our store, we offer a variety of options for these components at affordable prices. Blind straps can be found for 2.96 euros, while blind straps are available for 2.06 euros.

These prices can serve as a reference to estimate the total cost of the repair since they are the elements most commonly affected in this type of breakdown. However, it is important to take into account other factors, such as whether you fix the fault or need to hire someone to do it for you. If you decide to do it yourself, you can follow the steps that we recommend in the post on how to fix a blind that does not collect the tape well.

In our store, we understand the importance of having blinds in perfect condition, since they are an essential element in any home or office. However, we know that, over time, blinds can suffer wear and tear, which is why we have created a wide selection of blind replacement items, everything you need to keep them in optimal condition.

Price To Fix Electric Blinds

In the context of electric blind repairs, one of the most crucial components that could fail is the motor. This part is essential for the automatic operation of the blind and therefore when a problem arises, the motor is often the main suspect to check. The repair or replacement of this component is essential, but it is important to understand that the cost of said intervention will depend significantly on the price of the replacement engine.

To estimate the price of repairing this type of blinds, we must take into account the following factors:

Type of Motor:

Corded motors: These are generally cheaper and you can find them in our store starting at €31.42. They are designed for basic operation and are ideal for those looking for an effective solution at a lower cost.

Wi-Fi motors: These motors offer advanced functionalities, such as remote control through smart devices. Its price starts from €65.73 due to these additional capabilities.

Total Cost Estimation: The price of the selected engine is a key component in calculating the total cost of the repair. If the engine offers more features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, the price will be higher, thus increasing the overall cost of the repair.

Repair decision: The choice between repairing and replacing the motor will depend not only on its cost but also on the comparison with the price of a new electric blind. If the cost of the motor is substantially high, some customers might consider opting for a new blind.

Self-Healing vs. Professional Service:

If you decide to repair the blinds yourself, the main expense will be the motor.

If you prefer to have a specialized technician carry out the repair, the cost of the service will include labor in addition to the price of the engine.

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