Create an Excellent Onboarding Experience for Your Edtech Software!

Waseem Jalal

No matter how innovative your product is, if it doesn’t offer a great onboarding experience to the users, they may be disappointed. Onboarding in software development is one of the important aspects of improving user experience. Neglecting the onboarding in the software development process can negatively impact the product’s success and how your customers feel.  Your software development team might have worked hard throughout the software product development lifecycle. However, if the product is not capable of enticing your users with wonderful onboarding or they face trouble getting started, you will notice the lowest adoption rates.

When it comes to education technology software development, onboarding is vital. This blog explains how onboarding can impact the experience of its target audience. Here, the target audience is teachers, students, and administrators. Let’s explore:

Impact of Onboarding on Teachers:

When teachers decide to educate their students with emerging technologies, they typically learn about the specific features and complete the overall setup before introducing it into the classrooms. Thus, it is important to have a detailed onboarding experience, so that teachers can use it confidently and without any hassle rather than requesting custom support help. This may be time-consuming and increase the operational costs. Edtech software with good onboarding experience can give confidence to users while reducing the request to the custom support team if any issues arise while accessing the Edtech software.

Impact of Onboarding on Students:

The onboarding for any Edtech software should be quite simple. Regardless of age, students will go to their teachers whenever they find any issues while using the software. Solving different problems related to the software in the large classroom can be overwhelming for the teachers. Developers should opt for the simple UX but with engaging features. Adding gamification is a good idea to keep students competitive and motivated to complete their assignments and achieve their academic targets. 

Impact of Onboarding on Administrators:

Whether it is about the IT coordinators or department admins, better onboarding for Edtech is important. Administrators typically test drive tools and features before they suggest them to the teachers to use for improved learning.  While some education technology software development is accomplished for admins and educational institutions only. Thus, onboarding should be simple and save a lot of productive time.

How to create an excellent onboarding experience for Edtech software?

Onboarding of edtech software involves user downloads, and exploring the product for the first time. Follow the below-mentioned practices to make the onboarding experience for Edtech software excellent for the users-

Identify the Issues in the Existing Onboarding Process:

Look for the issues that are creating trouble in the onboarding workflows. Evaluate the user experience and find where they are facing problems accessing the Edtech software. It is also important to track user analytics and figure out where users are dropping off. Also, get user feedback and opinions through microservices. This will help in optimizing the onboarding processes and create better experiences for the next users.

Product Tutorial and Further Updates:

When users start using the tech software, they might use the tutorial to utilize the product seamlessly. Thus, make sure you don’t overwhelm them with a lot of feature updates and infrastructure all at once. Let them follow the smaller steps to minimize the complexity of the product.

Stick for Simple Yet Engaging Features:

The key to making an excellent onboarding experience for Edtech software is to keep the product simple and engaging. Adding elements with progress bars, leaderboards, and badges can boost engagement while allowing teachers to keep their students motivated to perform assigned tasks on time.

The Bottom Line

Working with an experienced education software development company helps create a great onboarding experience and supercharge your campaign.

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